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DK, J Geils Band Ace On Bass!

Danny Klein was born in the Bronx New York on May 23, 1946 and moved to New Jersey at age 6. His earliest musical influences were the Supremes and the Motown sound. He also was a blues and R+B connoisseur favoring Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Jr. Wells, Sonny Boy Williams, King Curtis the Stones and others.

DK attended Worcester Poly Tech from 1964-1966 and after meeting J. Geils and Magic Dick, played washboard bass in what could be considered their acoustic "jug band". The boys went through several drummers until they eventually found ex-Hallucinations percussionist Stephen Jo Bladd and his band mate and singer Peter Wolf. In 1969 Seth Justman, keyboards, joined the band and they stayed together for 17 years. 

This union would prove to be the formation of the J. Geils Band that took DK on a historic rock and roll journey. For 17 years the band recorded 17 albums and toured extensively, including Japan, Europe and a European tour with the Rolling Stones when they had their biggest hits, Centerfold and Freezeframe.

Exhausted, DK and the band took a sabbatical giving DK time to pursue his other passion, cooking. "I always loved to cook," he said, "so I went to Culinary School in Cambridge and for the next ten years I was a chef in restaurants around New England. As the economy slipped in the 90s, restaurants closed and few jobs were available. "That's when I decided to get back into music. I realized I had really missed it!"

During this time, Johnny Copeland guitarist Ken Pino offered DK a job playing bass with Blind Pig recording artist Debbie Davies. DK toured Europe and America with Davies and recorded on Davies' 1994 release, Loose Tonight. DK and Pino left the group in 1994 to form "StoneCrazy" with Ken's brother Babe and drummer Steve Shaheen. Shaheen was soon replaced with former Duke & The Drivers drummer Mark Hylander.

Then in 1999 The J. Geils Band reunited for the reunion tour. The original band played again, in 2005 at Danny's surprise party. Danny was surprised by 200 of his closest friends at Scullers Guest Suites and the friends were surprised when all six of the original bandmembers jumped up on stage and did an impromptu set. They didn't miss a beat!

When Danny moved back to Boston in 2002, he was invited to sit in with "James Montgomery and Friends" and he and drummer Peter Hackel found themselves contemplating an effort to put together a group to celebrate the music of the Geils Band. The guys recruited several top players from in and around Boston christening the group “Danny Klein's Full House : Celebrating the Music of the J. Geils Band”. In the years that followed Danny Klein's Full House has developed into a killer live outfit, and performed on stages large and small from the Tweeter Center to backyard parties. But one thing rings true with each and every DK's Full House performance…it is all about the music and having fun.

"These guys bring something special to the music and they all respect the fact that we are doing what we are doing to honor the songs and the original creators.  We are NOT a tribute band. These guys are amazing musicians and put their own soul into the show. I am playing the music I love and playing with incredible musicians. I am having fun!" says DK.

Recently the J. Geils Band has gotten together to do some high-profile gigs, including a 2010 performance with Aerosmith at Boston's Fenway Park.  (Danny hit the ground running two weeks later to play a few backyard parties with Full House!)  

Danny currently lives in Hyde Park, Massachusetts with his lovely wife Valerie and their beloved fur family. Having the luxury of being in the J. Geils Band and Full House keeps Danny Klein doing what he loves best, continuing to put his critically acclaimed licks on music he enjoys. Don't be surprised if you are driving down a street in Boston some summer night and the think you hear sounds of the J Geils Band is Danny Klein's Full House rehearsing in the carriage house with the neighbors dancing on their decks!